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Commodore C64

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This site is dedicated to the best machine man have ever built, the commodore 64!
This was the thing that made my (and surely others to!) school grades smell like yesterdays dipers.
But hey! Who cares!? School was a big pain in the but anyway!
For those of you who missed these glory years between 1985-1990 when the 64 had its golden days, i can only say, i feel sorry for you!
You can never (trust me on this one!) in your wildest dreams imagine what you have missed, but hopefully these pages will atleast give you a small glance of how it was. Remember, even though most of the emulators are quite good, and does a fine job nothing beats the real thing!
Nowdays even my mother could write programs in Visual Basic or such crap.
NAH! Gimme back the good old days when serious hacking was made with cartridges like the almighty TFC3.
I hope you will like the way i have arranged everything, if not, please let me know.

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