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Wired Voice Auto-dialer.

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Can store phone numberE1,E2,E3,E4,every pair can store 16 members max With microphone
7 sects indication machine:When enter the phone number,indicator it at the same time
Connect the phone and DC 12V power,the orange line connect anode,brown line connect cathode
The signal line:when connect with NC,NO,no polarity.When as DC 12V power,the blue line connect anode,the green connect cathode
You can adjust the sending signal and phone system


Working Voltage: DC 11V-15V
Static current: 20mA
Working current: 150mA (max)
Dialing form: audio/impulsive counting/choose J1
Alarm form: NC/NO/choose J2,J3
Record time: 20 sec,the number and voice will not lose
Phone number stored: 4 pairs,16 members each
Private code two levels: 0-6 members private code,the first three can be canceled,alarm,all can be changed setting.

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